Why Pursue an RN to BSN Degree?

There are several levels of education available in order for an individual to become an RN (registered nurse). The mandatory minimum requirements in order to sit state licensing exams to become an RN is an associates degree in nursing and as that only takes two years, it is the most popular course of action taken by those who want to become an RN and get out into the world of work as soon as possible.

Once they are working, though, many RNs discover that they would like to further their education and obtain a Bachelors of Science in Nursing as well. RN to BSN programs are very popular these days, especially since unlike that initial nursing degree an RN to BSN can be completed online.

Why Choose an Online RN to BSN Program? – Once they are employed a registered nurse’s schedule is rarely a very predictable one unless they work in a structured setting like a doctor’s office. Even then the average registered nurse is a very busy person and the fact that they can take an RN to BSN course online fits in with their schedule and lifestyle perfectly. More on LPN training in Pennsylvania is found here.

While the and is very much about hands-on training the BSN is really completely academic in nature. Those who take an RN to BSN degree will find themselves taking courses in subjects they may have thought they had left behind in high school, but subjects like Basic Algebra, Basic Microbiology, and chemistry all requirements for graduation from RN to BSN programs.

The average RN to BSN program takes about 18 months to 2 years complete as most people do take the course part-time. To see if an entry position in the healthcare field (CNA) is something for you, click here.

Finding the Right RN to BSN program – There are a great many RN to BSN programs on offer these days and choosing between them all can be a rather challenging task. This task is made all the more difficult because so many of the best RN to BSN courses are offered online so geography is not an issue.

The NIH (National Institutes of Mental Health), together with the NOEDB (Nursing Online Education Database), are two very credible institutions that rank the best online schools so their websites are great places to start.

What are the Advantages of Graduating from an RN to BSN program?

The biggest reason to take an RN to BSN program is to obtain a better job within the world of nursing. All management-level nursing positions usually require an advanced degree such as a BSN. Once they are in management, registered nurses can become anything from the assistant head nurse or head nurse to assistant director, director, and vice president of all kinds of different healthcare institutions.

A nurse who holds a BSN can also manage a nursing home or care facility, career fields that are really opening up as the baby boomer population ages and there is a greater need for more such institutions. For academic requirements for students living in Florida, check out this post.