Top Colleges in Virginia

The state of Virginia is home to a number of great colleges and universities, some with excellent national reputations, that offer many choices for students, both those who call Virginia home and out of state students drawn to these colleges because of their great educational offerings. See also this video that highlights the 10 best colleges in Virginia:

Deciding which are the best colleges in Virginia can be hard because what constitutes the best college for one student may not always hold true for another. Here though is a little about just a few of the schools that are widely regarded to be amongst the best colleges in Virginia:

Best Colleges in Virginia – The University of Virginia – The University of Virginia was first founded in 1819 by none other than Thomas Jefferson and its main campus is located in Charlottesville, VA. The University of Virginia is a nationally ranked public educational institution comprised of with 11 different schools.

The school is particularly well known for offering students possibly the best education in the state in the fields of Architecture, Arts and Sciences, Commerce, Education, Engineering, Law, and Paralegal Studies.

You can learn more about the University of Virginia by visiting their website at

Best Colleges in Virginia – College of William and Mary – This is another Virginia college with a long and storied history and a great national reputation. The college, as the name suggests was founded in 1693 by the Royal Charter of King William III and Queen Mary II.

A number of U.S. Presidents including John Tyler, James Monroe, and Thomas Jefferson studied at William and Mary. The school has a great academic reputation but it is perhaps best known for its cutting-edge scientific research programs. For Pennsylvania Nursing colleges click here.

You can visit the school’s official website at to learn more.

Best Colleges in Virginia – Virginia Tech – Virginia Tech which is located in Blacksburg, VA was founded in 1957 and was originally strictly a technical college. That has changed over the years though and the school now offers a wide range of excellent educational programs.

Still, though it is the schools polytechnic offerings that are considered the strongest including the programs in engineering, forestry, agriculture, architecture, and veterinary medicine.

To learn more about Virginia Tech you can visit the school’s website at

Best Colleges in Virginia – Virginia Commonwealth University – Located in Richmond, VA this school is best known for its excellent research programs. There are though a great many excellent educational opportunities available in the fields of Humanities and Sciences, Mass Communications, World Studies, Government and Public Affairs, Allied Health Professionals, Arts, Business, Education, Engineering, Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, and Social Work

You can learn more about Virginia Commonwealth University by visiting their website at and take also a look at this post on how many nursing professionals first earned their CNA Certificate before moving on with their careers.