Hot to get into Nursing School in California?

Although like in many other states there is something of a shortage of trained nurses in California getting into nursing schools in California may not be as easy as you think.

Nursing requires a great deal of skill and there is an awful lot to learn in a relatively short amount of time so that there are certain prerequisites for acceptance at most nursing schools in California should come as no surprise.

The Basic Prerequisites for Entering Nursing Schools in California

A graduate of nursing schools in California must past the state licensing test before he or she can work as a nurse many of the curriculums at the various nursing schools.

In California, applicants must follow the same basic guidelines and have similar prerequisites for admission. These generally include (but are not limited to:

1 year of high school level English composition
1 year of Chemistry taken within the last 5 years of application to nursing schools in California
1 year of Anatomy and Physiology, again taken within the last 5 years of application
1 course in Microbiology, with the same time requirements as the other science courses
1 course in high school level General Psychology
1 course in high school level Developmental Psychology
1 course in Basic Sociology
1 course in Basic Nutrition
1 course in Public Speaking
Proficiency in Intermediate Algebra
High TEAS score (Test for Essential Academic Skills)

These educational requirements apply mainly to private nursing schools in California, some vocational nursing schools in California have requirements that are less stringent or offer students the chance to complete these courses as a part of their current studies.

Applying to Nursing Schools in California

Even if there is a particular nursing school in California that you would like to attend you should apply to several of the top nursing schools in California if you want a better shot at being accepted. Make sure you check the application deadlines set by each of the nursing schools in California and get yours submitted in plenty of time.

If you need letters of recommendation (which is usually the case) make sure you give those people you’re¬†asking for a recommendation plenty of time to get one written, as asking at the last minute is more than a little rude. See here how to get into¬†CNA training.

There are certain health requirements for nursing students as they will be spending much of the time that they are enrolled in nursing schools in California in a real-life clinical setting around real patients.

If you are hoping to attend any of the nursing schools in California in the near-future it might be helpful to get the required immunizations ahead of time, to avoid the last minute scramble or any delays to your start date. If nursing school is no option, check out this post about what it takes to become a dental hygienist.