Culinary School – Certificates and Diplomas

Students are as varied as their goals. Here is a list of a number of degrees and culinary certification from culinary schools you can choose from that will lead to the path of culinary entrepreneurial success. Check out this video from The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) in California. As the school states: This is where successful careers are cultivated! At the CIA, you can learn all about baking and pastry, wines and beverages, and the culinary arts in the school’s degree and certificate programs.

Culinary Certification From Culinary Schools #1 – Certificate For Pastry Making And Baking

Pastry Making and Baking Specialization is an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree study in the culinary arts. This culinary certification program is designed for a deeper understanding of the development of pastry menu from contemporary to modern and international pastry cuisines alongside with pastry chefs during practical application. Completion of this certificate study towards the culinary certification can open doors of opportunities in hotel and resort pastry department, fine dining pastry kitchens and refine bakeries.

Culinary Certification From Culinary Schools #2 – Certificate For Wine And Beverage Specialization

This is a culinary certification program designed for students who intend to broaden their understanding of the importance of wines in beverages in the culinary and foodservice industry. This culinary certification from culinary schools also provides in-depth knowledge about viticulture, winemaking, distillation, and brewing processes. This also puts emphasis on the understanding of a variety of cultural influences in the trend of wine and beverages in the different parts of the world.

Culinary Certification From Culinary Schools #3 – Certificate In Professional Cooking

The program for this culinary certificate is mostly being availed as a testing choice before considering a full degree program. The culinary certification program to earn this certificate is mostly focused on re-training persons coming from a related or unrelated career. The career prospects for culinary professionals haven’t been better before. These programs provide hands-on experience on a live production but non-commercial kitchen. This is a culinary certification that the foundational program for entering the food service industry has been completed. Holders of this certificate may start as professional prep, line, or banquet cook.

Culinary Certification From Culinary Schools #4 – Hospitality And Restaurant Management Diploma

The culinary diploma programs from culinary schools are designed to prepare students to become anything from general manager to concierge director of housekeeping. It explores the multi-faceted aspects of management from public relations, managing payrolls, operation courses in front and back hotel management to practical skills of setting a menu. This also employs the trends in software management systems. Also, these culinary degree programs from culinary schools provide internships to put the classroom knowledge into practical application and experience real-world challenges in the culinary industry. Your culinary diploma in hospitality can take you farther than you could ever imagine. The video above shows you perfectly well that in states like California, the education level is perfect and the career perspectives absolutely great!

Culinary Certification From Culinary Schools #5 – Associate Degree Program In Culinary Arts

These culinary Associate certification programs develop students to become skilled kitchen professionals. This culinary certification is designed to provide students with the basic theoretical concepts of cooking and good practical cooking training with emphasis on aesthetics of food preparation and presentation. This culinary certification from culinary schools includes personal development of best kitchen working attitudes of discipline and determination. Graduates of this culinary certification from culinary schools are qualified to enter commercial kitchens on an entry-level job as banquet cook, assistant manager chef, or sous chef.

Culinary Certification From Culinary Schools #6 – Bachelor Degree In Culinary Arts

The Bachelor Degree in Culinary Arts is designed for students to prepare and be qualified in careers in the contemporary culinary industry. These programs will provide intensive practical training on cooking skills to develop professional competitive cooks. They will also explore food science, menu preparation, nutritional cooking and artistic food presentation. Graduates of this culinary certification are assured of foundational skills to perform effectively as certified cooks in a commercial kitchen setting or even entry-level kitchen management position. They can also enter the specialized industry in culinary schools such as research and development chef, personal chef or food writer. This culinary certification is also a preparation for advanced education in culinary topics.

Culinary Certification From Culinary Schools #7 – Masters Degree In Culinary Arts, Hospitality And Restaurant Management

These programs are more theory and academic driven and are less skill-oriented. These are only designed to further improve, develop and advance the necessary skills one has acquired in culinary arts colleges. Especially in states with a well-developed hospitality industry like Florida, the career prospects are extremely good. These programs focus more on short and long term strategies and financial planning. The curriculum mostly includes advanced food science and trends in culinary arts, human resource management in the foodservice industry, cost control, and quality improvement. Most of these programs are available online.