A Career in Healthcare – CNA

With an aging, yet very independent-minded population of Baby Boomers getting older, the demand on the healthcare system nationwide to provide in-home care and care at residential care facilities keeps increasing.

Especially in the case of home health care many of those who need assistance mainly need help with everyday tasks like bathing, dressing, ambulating and similar tasks.

Many of these tasks can be ably performed by a certified nursing assistant, so many home health care agencies and long-term residential facilities across the country have begun offering free CNA classes in return for a commitment from graduates to work for their agency or facility for a set period of time.

General CNA Training Facts – Whether you are able to find free CNA classes or enroll in one that charges the fee the basics covered in your lessons should be very similar.

CNA certification requires at least 75 hours of training in basic health care, health law, and medical ethics, depending on your state requirements. CNAs must also pass a state test to become certified. Many of the facilities offering free CNA training will also help with the cost of taking the licensing exam and some can afford to get their phlebotomy certification as well.

Once certified a CNA can take a position wherever he or she pleases. In addition to working in the home health field or at a care facility an increasing number of hospitals are beefing up their CNA staff and the growing number of private urgent care facilities make great use of the talents of CNAs as well.

Finding Free CNA Training – Sometimes the best place to find free CNA training is actually in the “help wanted” section of your local newspaper. As the agencies offering free CNA training are really looking for new employees, that does tend to be where they place their advertisements. Check out also this page on LVN training in Los Angeles.

If you are unemployed you may be eligible for free CNA training as well although the availability of such training varies from state to state. Representatives at your Lionel unemployment office should be able to tell you if such programs exist in your area or not.

If you are not able to locate free CNA training there are a number of offerings that tend to be less expensive than others. The Red Cross, for instance, offers an excellent CNA training program at branches of their organization nationwide. The costs of these programs vary quite significantly from area to area and some are even free. To find out what might be available near you, you can visit redcross.org.

Progressing as a Nurse – Many of those who begin their nursing career as a CNA go on, contumely their education and become LPNs or RNs. For some, the short amount of time it takes to become a CNA means that they can get into the field quickly, begin working and then decide whether nursing is really a career for them or not. While rewarding and relatively lucrative nursing at any level is challenging and can be emotionally and physically draining and not everyone is cut out for it. Now if becoming a nurse might not be exactly your thing, try this option: cosmetology.